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MasterPiece Wins Gold Innovation Award

The MasterPiece Cloud measuring, planning, estimating, invoicing and sales support system won this year’s gold award. It has become popular with retailers small, medium and large. Its popularity stems from some of the innovations it embodies:

– It is particularly well guided for the new (and established) user, a trial user can make effective use of the software after just a 20 min talk through a simple job over the phone

– Its guidance does not put the user into a straightjacket procedure of doing A, then B, then C. The ‘guider green’ scheme greens up the button which the user probably should click next, while allowing the user to instead select any of the other buttons available.

– Its guidance is well shaped from a close knowledge of the way UK retailers go about their business, mirroring the way users are used to working on paper. This is true as regards shape creation and measurement entry, and also in the way the jobs flows through into costing, estimates and invoices.

– Its unique in the fine granularity of modules a retailer can elect to take up. The retailer just pays for what he chooses to have, no bloatware of features which are not of interest, to confuse. This makes the product attractive to both small and large organisations

– It can run on any platform (Ipad, Android, Windows, Mac) and be used in the customer’s home and/or the store

The industry’s newest awards scheme recognises everything that’s new, exciting and innovative in the UK flooring industry. It is an exceptional, independent award scheme enhancing the reputation of products in the flooring industry. Winning an Innovation Star is a badge of honour that recognises the best in the business!

Harrogate 2018

16th to 18th Sept
MasterPiece had a busy stand again this year and received the gold award for innovation at the show

BGNFS 2018’

15th & 16th May

MasterPiece launched an automation extension to the facility for costing jobs, in which costing is done according to the retailer’s individual costing rules. This both speeds costing in the home and gives consistency in the costing across all the individuals who cost jobs for customers. MasterPiece also demonstrated a manual planning facility in which cutting plan can be created by drag and drop.

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