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Our clients include many independent retailers and contractors and also larger operations that have requirements for commercial flooring software. Our larger clients include:

John Lewis PLC. John Lewis purchased MasterPiece for all their estimators and major stores in 2003 so that estimators could generate and print an estimate in the customer’s home during the visit to measure. Various improvements since the initial roll out have extended the integration with their overall retailing operation.

Carpetright PLC estimators were already equipped with Android tablets and have added MasterPiece to this platform in support of the visit to measure in the customer’s home. By adopting the cloud based version of MasterPiece they have enabled their estimators to deliver completed plans to the store without the need to fax or visit.

Designer Contracts are UK’s largest flooring contractor with12 regional offices. Their surveyors use MasterPiece to do the take-off from architect’s plans on screen and thence create plans for the multiple permutations of flooring that the customer may require. MasterPiece is used for many categories of commercial property and new build domestic.

Renew specialise in repair, restoration, inspection and replacement of a wide range of flooring, both domestic and contract. MasterPiece is used on tablet by their inspectors who visit properties to validate and settle flooring claims. The Plans and estimates generated collated at their central office and automatically converted into PDFs for transmission to the partner retailer who install the replacement flooring.

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